Online Fundraising for Charities and Events | Charity of Choice

Online Fundraising for Charities and Events | Charity of Choice.


Win an IPad Mini

I’m fundraising like crazy for Gift Of A Helping Hand Charitable TR and am trying to raise as much money as I can for this amazing cause.

Please Go Here to check out my page and give anything you can.

And now through August 12th, if you give at least $18, you’ll be entered to win an iPad Mini. You’ll probably win.

Thanks so, so much.

Cathy P Russell

Click Here for all the contest rules. And if you have any questions please Email Us and we’ll get back to you right away.

Help Stop Domestic Violence One Shelter At A Time

Our mission is to provide emergency shelter for domestic violence survivor and their children throughout Michigan, during these tough economic times.


The Gift Of A Helping Hand Charitable Trust Transitional housing program will provide housing assistance to domestic violence survivor.   Our program provide housings for women, who are domestic violence survivors.  The program will make available referrals to support groups, job training and educational programs that will help these individuals to become self-sufficiency.


In addition, shelter and emotional support will also be provided for the children of women who are victims of domestic violence in southeastern Michigan.

The issues our program address is domestic violence against women and children.   Another issue our program addresses is the increase of homelessness for women and children.   Our program is addressing these two issues and will amplify our program to make available counseling, job training, educational training, support groups, financial budgeting classes and day care centers that will help us in helping these individuals through the transitional stage in their life of becoming self-sufficiency and breaking the barrier of domestic abuse.

The Gift Of A Helping Hand Transitional Housing align with  Economic Self-Sufficiency program.   Our program is aimed to helping domestic violence survivors and their children to obtain the proper tools that  will help them to transition from being co-dependent to becoming self-sufficiency.

Our program promotes diversity and economic self-sufficiency through workforce initiatives.   The program will provide resources for our clients to domestic  violence support groups, classes and other valuable human services programs.  The program will make available outreach programs for the children residing in the shelter such as after school programs and activities.


To help lower the percentage rate of domestic violence in southeastern Michigan and help our clients to receive training, therapy and enroll in support groups that will help them to become self-sufficient and self-reliant in helping breaking the cycle of domestic violence and to learn and understand the warning signs of domestic violence.


#GivingTuesday LIVE Webinar: “Digital…

#GivingTuesday LIVE Webinar: “Digital…

Please JOIN US on Tuesday, November 5th at 3 p.m. EST for a LIVE webinar on digital engagement, platforms, and crowdfunding! We are gathering several companies to share the many different ways you can give online and the platforms and special offers for #GivingTuesday.