2010 13th Annual $1 Million Giveaway To Fight Hunger






The Gift Of A Helping Hand Charitable Trust


Contact: Cathy P. Russell

17148 Waltham, Detroit, MI 48205

Phone: (888) 340-4248














Tax ID: #38-3640111




Contact: Cathy P. Russell

(888) 340-4248



For Immediate Release


2009 12th Annual $1 Million Giveaway To Fight Hunger



For the 12th consecutive year, Alan Shawn Feinstein will divide $1 million among hunger fighting agencies nationwide using it to help them raise funds during March and April, 2009.

Only donations or pledges received from March 1st to April 30th, and from use of the Feinstein challenge, should be counted. These donations can include cash, checks and food items (valued at $1.00 per item or pound) or pledges, as long as they were obtained ONLY from use of our challenge.

Also any donations sent to us in March or April will get Feinstein money from Rhode Island added to it – and the more of a donation you send to us, the more of the Feinstein $1 million we’ll get – thanks to you! You and your company will become partners in what has become the most successful campaign of all times to fight hunger!

Our million dollars will then be divided proportionately among all agencies complying with the above (a minimum of $250 and a maximum of $50,000 to all participating agencies). Checks will be mailed by August 1st, 2009.

Feinstein’s past $1 million challenges to fight hunger have raised a record $620 million for agencies nationwide. Agencies should tell their donors that their donation toward this campaign makes them partners in the most successful grassroots campaign to fight hunger of all times. That is something they can take great pride in. Help support in this campaign of all times to fight hunger. Visit The Feinstein Foundation website at

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  1. Hwa Scee

    This is like my fourth time coming by your website. Regularly I do not make comments on site, but I have to mention that this post really pushed me to do so. Really awesome post .

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