Contact:  Cathy P Russell

17148  Waltham, Detroit, MI  48205

Business  Phone:  (313)  469-1164

Fax  Number:  (313) 468-1476



Tax ID:  38-3640111

TGOAHHCT Toy  Fund was implemented to collect monetary donations and in-kind donations of
toys and electronic items to distribute to over 50,000 youths and teen  throughout the year, and during the holiday seasons.

TGOAHHCT Toy  Fund is support underprivileged youths and teen residing in homeless shelter,
foster care agencies, foster care homes, boarding houses, transitional houses,  halfway housing, Human Services Agencies, daycare centers, head start programs,  after school programs and low-income housing.

TGOAHHCT Toy  Fund  collect hundreds of Video Consoles,  Video Games, DVD’s, IPod, iphone, laptop, desktop computers, mp3 players, toys,  dolls, baby furniture, baby toys,  bikes,  motorized bikes, scooters, motorized scooters, mini-bikes, motorcycles, and  Hand Held Video Games to help support the TGOAHHCT Toy Fund. Over 50,000  children under 18 years old will go without a Christmas this year without your
support. So support us in our TGOAHHCT Toy Fund by making a monetary donation  and an in-kind donation of Video Consoles, Video Games, IPod, iphone, laptop,  computer and Hand Held Video Games to our program to serve under privileged  teens and children 12 years and under.

We need you  to help support the 2011 TGOAHHCT Toy Fund.   The TGOAHHCT Toy Fund sponsors The Gift of Giving New Toys for Needy  Children and Teens.  The Gift of Giving  New Toys for Needy Children and Teens is a seasonal project implemented to  provide needy children and teens in the state of Michigan with new toys to be  placed under their Christmas tree during the holidays.

The TGOAHHCT  Toy Fund collects new toys for teens and for children 12 and under annually and
helps support The Gift of Giving New Toys for Needy Children and Teens Program.   The program mission is to give underprivileged and underserved children and  teens the opportunity to receive new toys on Christmas Day, since 93% of  household in metropolitan Detroit, Michigan lives at or below the poverty-rate.

During the  time frame of the following years, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 our organization  will be providing new toys for over 50,000 economically disadvantaged children  and teens for these consecutive years. Toys For Teens and Toys for Children 12  and under will serve homeless children residing in The Gift Of A Helping Hand  Emergency Shelter and other homeless shelter throughout metropolitan Detroit,
Michigan and other Wayne counties.

At least 65%  of the homeless population is single mothers with children and 39% of the  homeless population is single mother leaving out of domestic violence  situations. 48% of the poverty-stricken in Wayne County, Michigan is children.   Without your support these needy children will not have toys for Christmas Day.   We need your assistance and support in providing toys for needy children for  the holidays.

The program provide new toys for other underprivileged children residing  in homeless shelters in southeastern Michigan including Wayne, Macomb, Monroe  and Oakland counties. The program will give low-income daycare centers, head  start programs, and after school programs, homeless shelter, foster care
agencies, foster care homes, boarding houses, transitional houses, halfway  housing, Human Services Agencies, and low-income housing the opportunity to  receive new toys to distribute to low-income children residing at their  facilities throughout the year.

So help us  and make a monetary donation and/or in-kind donation of gift cards and/or toys  to help bring a smile on a needy child’s and teens face on Christmas Day and  throughout the year. Your donation will help support the TGOAHHCT Toy Fund  by providing new toys for over 50,000 needy  children and teens.

Send your   donations ATTN:  Fundraiser Director, The  Gift Of A Helping Hand Charitable Trust, 17148 Waltham, Detroit, MI  48205.   C/o TGOAHHCT Toy Fund.


Cathy P. Russell

Cathy  P. Russell, Executive Director


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