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Online Fundraising for Charities and Events | Charity of Choice

Online Fundraising for Charities and Events | Charity of Choice.


Help Stop Domestic Violence One Shelter At A Time

Our mission is to provide emergency shelter for domestic violence survivor and their children throughout Michigan, during these tough economic times.


The Gift Of A Helping Hand Charitable Trust Transitional housing program will provide housing assistance to domestic violence survivor.   Our program provide housings for women, who are domestic violence survivors.  The program will make available referrals to support groups, job training and educational programs that will help these individuals to become self-sufficiency.


In addition, shelter and emotional support will also be provided for the children of women who are victims of domestic violence in southeastern Michigan.

The issues our program address is domestic violence against women and children.   Another issue our program addresses is the increase of homelessness for women and children.   Our program is addressing these two issues and will amplify our program to make available counseling, job training, educational training, support groups, financial budgeting classes and day care centers that will help us in helping these individuals through the transitional stage in their life of becoming self-sufficiency and breaking the barrier of domestic abuse.

The Gift Of A Helping Hand Transitional Housing align with  Economic Self-Sufficiency program.   Our program is aimed to helping domestic violence survivors and their children to obtain the proper tools that  will help them to transition from being co-dependent to becoming self-sufficiency.

Our program promotes diversity and economic self-sufficiency through workforce initiatives.   The program will provide resources for our clients to domestic  violence support groups, classes and other valuable human services programs.  The program will make available outreach programs for the children residing in the shelter such as after school programs and activities.


To help lower the percentage rate of domestic violence in southeastern Michigan and help our clients to receive training, therapy and enroll in support groups that will help them to become self-sufficient and self-reliant in helping breaking the cycle of domestic violence and to learn and understand the warning signs of domestic violence.


Ask and You Shall Receive

I feel this story should be shared. I thought about, I slept on it and I decided this story needs to be told.

The Gift Of A Helping Hand Charitable Trust was donated a commercial building on November 14, 2012, to help us to expand and continue to serve those who need in Michigan, but the building needed some repairs.

So I decided to contact many heating and cooling companies in Michigan to see if they would be willing to support us and make this donation to us, and you know 911 Mechanical Heating & Cooling was one of the companies I contacted.

Due to be contacting them in seeking their help in making a donation to our 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization Heather the company Office Manager contacted me back and said give her a call, so they can come out and see what they can do to help.

I being excited and overjoyed that we will receive support to help assist us in making the repairs to the building so we can continue to serve those who need, and I called her and she set up an appointed for that following Tuesday.

The Technician came out that Tuesday, and he assessed the work that needy to be done, and once again I was excited believing 911 Mechanical Heating & Cooling was going to assist us in our efforts.

So I ask the Technician when will I be contacted and he said they will email me the quote in about a week. So I kept updates about the potential donation and was looking forward to hearing from them soon.

I had no idea I was becoming a bother until the Owner, that right the Owner of 911 Mechanical Heating and Cooling Called me Yesterday morning. I am still excited, hearing from the Owner, he is going to telling me, when they will donate their time and equipment to help us in our cause. He was very rude, unprofessional and ignorant to the work many charities in Detroit provides for thousands of families and individuals in the communities we serve.

He went on to say to me I have been keeping updates with his staff, Yes, I thought in my mind, Yeah, I was lead to believe you guys were going to help.

Then he carried on with the conversation. He was not familiar with our charity and he would have to investigate our organization, and I am explaining to him we have been in operation since 2002, and I understand.

Then he continued on by saying that there is many scammers out there and we are in Detroit too, and I know about the scammers here in Detroit. And I am thinking in my mind, what does Detroit, Michigan have to do with The Gift Of A Helping Hand Charitable Trust serving those who need in our communities. Just because we are in Detroit, Michigan that automatically make charities here in Detroit scammers, what kind of thinking is that, because I solicited your company for a donation.

What the peoples in the Detroit, do not need assistance. We can not help and assist one another during these tough economic times. Oh we can not be serving our communities in Detroit unless we are scammers, I was thinking all the time he was make those accusations.

I was offended by the things he saying, and thinking in the back of my mind I know not to contact 911 Mechanical Heating & Cooling for a donation again.

But I still replied by mildly and told him, I can send him additional paperwork and he was very rude and unprofessional stating back no I do not need anymore of your paperwork, and I am thinking all at the same time, Sir if you do not want to donate, just say it what is with the rudeness and bad mouthy our organization and Detroit.

Then a few seconds later he stated I want to help you, but I am going to have to investigate you. How did you find out about my company, and I am thinking again, you are a public business and your public information is assessable to the general public, what do you mean.

But I politely reply sir I am soliciting companies to ask them to volunteer their time and equipment to our project. We are a nonprofit charity serving our community, and that is how I was able to contact you. He continue on with his accusation about investigating and the many scammers in Detroit, I had lost interested in the donation and began gathering my thoughts to thing of other companies that would be willing to donate a A/C unit for our Roof, Cooper piping to replace all the plumbing that was stripped from the building, and the furnace repair or replacement.

Well, Everything is in God’s Divine Order and He will bless The Gift Of A Helping Hand Charitable Trust with the donations we need to repair the building, even though the Owner at 911 Mechanical Heating & Cooling was very rude and unprofessional. Our blessing and success is in God’s hands. So wish him and his company well.

The Gift Of A Helping Hand Charitable Trust will still have the repairs done to the building donated to us and we will continue to serve those who need in our communities.

Cathy P. Russell, The Gift Of A Helping Hand Charitable Trust

The Gift Of A Helping Hand Charitable Trust Building Fund